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Very comfortable and unique looking. Matt — AZ Jim is a really cool guy, and takes the time to educate his customers on how he has designed an all-around better bike. I stand out from all the rest of the bikes in the best possible way. In this situation, every component would be chosen based on its resistance to water damage.

Greg — TX I just have to say…. Lots of looks and compliments on the Stompers!. Mark — CA Thanks Jim, your obviously gonna hate me but you keep sending me pictures of your new bikes. Patiently waiting for mine to come in. Here they are on Cocoa Beach, FL.

Don’t Want to Hop? Stomp Instead.

Barry — Mexico Sorry it took me three years to send you a photo…lol. My bike had flat in back and needed new tube.

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Keep up the great work. There are six basic prosthetic options to consider for the upper extremity amputee. You have a very cool product, really looking forward to getting my feet on the pedals of one of these.

Denise — AZ Excellent service, thorough and friendly staff. I think I would have a other one in the future. I absolutely love every bike he had in his shop. It contains a simple hydraulic control with a push-in manual lock. So do yourself a favor and look at a Soul bike before buying anything, anywhere else.

The Activankle allows for:. Water Leg Prosthesis. Jennifer Latham Robinson Utilizing a Previous Prosthesis. Many amputees opt to make an old prosthesis a ‘water prosthesis ’ by changing out certain components for more resistant materials, like using stainless steel screws.

Stompers, Stomper Products.

Water Leg Prosthesis

WELCOME TO THE LIGHT WEIGHT ALUM SOUL STOMPER JR. HERE’S WHAT YOU GET: T6 XTR aluminum frame, front and rear disc brakes, Shimano Nexus 3 speed freewheel hub, 3” wide ride alum rims, 3” Soul fast performance tires and all our other kick ass classic STOMPER components. Stomper Joe sells quality loafer, no-show liner socks for men and women.

Our special silicon grip ensures no slippage and we guarantee % satisfaction. Stomper Jr Prothesis Suppliers – SPS Co Committed to providing O & P practitioners with the products and services they need in a manner that exceeds expectations every time.

Stomper and Stomper Jr. Now there is a simple, safe, and economical alternative for all the amputees in your practice - the Stomper TM and Stomper Jr TM available from SPS.

Designed for use in and around the water, Stomper and Stomper Jr are the perfect prosthetic solution for use in a shower, at the beach, or in the pool.

Designed for use in and around water, Stomper and Stomper Jr. Makes an excellent choice for a prosthesis for shower, beach or pool May also be used for static fitting of test sockets Easily attaches to

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